City of Monroe, Ohio
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Bicentennial Celebration
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The Village of Monroe was platted and the plat recorded in 1817.  The two men whose names were on the plat were John H. Piatt and Nathanial Sackett.  Nathanial was a descendant of Simon Sackett, who came to American in 1631.  Nathanial's father, Nathanial, Sr., was a member of the Committee of Safety and head of the secret service at Fishkill, New York during the American Revolution. In 1820 Nathanial Sackett wrote to his brother, Samuel, on March 12, and told him he had laid out a town and there were 20 houses, 2 stores, 2 taverns, and a Presbyterian church on site.  In 1995 Monroe officially became a city.  Today the population estimate is 13,500.  

Our City was named after James Monroe who took office as President of the United States in 1817.  By the time his two-term presidency ended, President Monroe had served his country for 50 years, holding more elected public offices than any president before or after him.  He even held two positions in James Madison's presidential cabinet at the same time (Secretary of State and Secretary of War) - Monroe is the only person in history to have held two cabinet positions at once. Considered the last of the founding fathers, Monroe died coincidentally on July 4, 1831.  Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams also died on the same date five years earlier.  On the 100th anniversary of his birth, his body was moved from New York City and reinterred at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.